Stability and perfect alignment

CRL/14 cabins are finished with a scratchproof wax, with rounded edges and corners. Self-supporting on nylon feet they do not require the stainless steel frame, which is the only attackable element in swimming pools, spas and near the sea. The self-closing, self-lubricating hinges automatically close the door.

Standard locker measurements:

overall height off the floor 2,072 mm

Construction details

  • made from 14 mm thick HPL
  • HPL doors with stop profiles
  • self-closing, self-lubricating hinges in galvanised steel covered with grey nylon
  • 14 mm thick laminate bench, with integrated simultaneous opening/closing system for the doors
  • top connection by means of 35 mm diameter silver anodised aluminium tube
  • joining clamps made entirely in fibreglass charged grey nylon 6
  • fixed to the floor by means of raised feet

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