Garda Sports Centre

Garda Sports Centre

Garda (VR)

Since its foundation, Ges Group has been known and appreciated for its furniture design for changing rooms, swimming pools and bathrooms. Made of high-grade HPL stratified laminate, the products are characterised by their modularity, solidity and observance of regulations in terms of hygiene and safety.
For the Garda Sports Centre, which covers a vast area including indoor and outdoor pools of various sizes, GES Group has created the following furnishings:
– Q series cabinets
– FG/S series modular wall cubicle
– Modular wall cubicle Urinal panels
– Comfort series benches

The cabinet system of the Quadrant series, produced by GES Group, is distinguished by elegance, resistance, clean lines and excellent sanitation.

Some construction details:

– 8 mm thick stratified laminate panels (4 mm thick substrate)
– “scratch-resistant” finish surfaces
– rounded, bevelled edges
– grey polyamide reinforced hinges with AISI 304 stainless steel pin and rotation above 180°, fixed internally with brass threaded inserts and stainless steel screws externally with only the rotation pin visible
– doors in stratified laminate with a thickness of 8 mm
– shelves in layered laminate

The Quadrant range of cabinets by GES Group represents a flagship for the company, which has developed furniture collections for changing rooms with exceptional technical and aesthetic performance specially for its customers.

Some construction details:

– lock with nickel-plated brass cylinder, double key, folding lever
– round number plate and rounded, shaped, accident-proof internal lock cover, both in grey reinforced polyamide
– numbering of doors with round PVC plate and pantographed number (applied by the customer)
– flat or sloping roof
– clothes rail in anodized aluminium with 20 mm diameter with one nylon non-removable sliding clothes hook (only for a 180 cm and 90 cm height solution)
– rear slits that allow complete washability, emission of liquids and high ventilation without altering the solidity of the structure
– fireproof

The locker cabinets produced by GES Group can be supplied in different colours and finishes, sizes and modules, but also with various types of locks depending on the needs of use. These include: – padlockable lock – Electronic lock – Coin lock – Transponder lock.

The GES Group rotating changing cabins are characterised by a series of construction details of particular relevance. Here are the main ones:

Construction details:
– shock-absorbing stop profiles in co-extruded rigid grey PVC (on the opening side) and soft anti-accident (on the hinge side)
– self-closing and self-lubricating hinges in galvanised steel covered with grey nylon, per door
– back panel in 8mm layered plastic laminate (HPL)
– 14 mm thick laminate seat bench with integrated simultaneous door opening / closing system in AISI 304 stainless steel rod
– grey hangers in glass-filled nylon
– fixing of the back panel to the front wall by an anodised aluminium profile in primary T 60/60 alloy
– floor fixing with lifting feet made entirely in grey glass-reinforced nylon 6
– 35 mm diameter with 12 mm adjustment screw, height 200 mm, adjustable +/- 30 mm to compensate for any unevenness.

The benches in the Comfort range by GES Group are characterised by the use of aesthetic and technological solutions that place emphasis on the value of materials and surfaces, on hygiene, on the ergonomics of the product and its details.

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