An extremely versatile line

Drop combines the anti-fingerprint finish’s simplicity and practicality with the elegance and stately softness of the frosted glass bathtub. DROP is highly customizable both in the finishes and matches between the support and the tub. It can be arranged individually or united up to the desired size.

Designed by Roberto Garbugli.

Construction details

GLASS: Washbasin made of glass which, thanks to the thermoforming on the mold, maintains its repeatable design and dimensions.

After the thermoforming, all the washbasins undergo a severe out-of-mold annealing process, to eliminate all residual tension stresses and guarantee proper domestic use.

A unique, durable and highly customizable product.

STRATIFIED HPL ANTI – FINGER PRINT: An extremely soft and resistant product.

The inner layer is composed of paper impregnated with thermosetting resins.

The external surface is treated with new-generation acrylic resins, and is subjected to an electron beam curing process, which hardens it giving it sensational characteristics.

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