Cleanliness and wellbeing

Made from HPL solid stratified laminate, these modular walls guarantee the front is perfectly flush thanks to the soft close profiles and automatic door closing given by the self-closing and self-lubricating hinges. The top connection is by means of a 35 mm diameter silver anodised aluminium tube, with joining claims made entirely in fibreglass charged grey nylon 6.

With the lifting systems and top connection, they guarantee maximum hygiene and are totally antioxidant

Construction details

  • grey co-extruded PVC stop profiles, rigid (stop side) and soft safety (hinge side)
  • n. 3 self-closing and self-lubricating hinges in galvanised steel covered with grey nylon per door
  • opening system with lock in moulded nylon with free/engaged signal block, equipped with safety door
  • block and external emergency opening
  • fixing for the partition panel to the front panel and the wall by means of a primary T 60/60 anodised
  • aluminium alloy profile
  • fixed to the floor by means of raised feet entirely in fibreglass charged grey nylon 6, diameter 35 mm with 12 mm adjustment screws, height 150 mm, adjustable +/- 30 mm to ensure it is perfectly level
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