The Ges Group mission is to respond to the increasingly sophisticated and specific needs of its wide range of clientele. Gyms and swimming pools, schools and hospitals, companies and campsites: working with these very different customers stimulates the company to constantly seek innovative solutions to design modular interiors. Ges Group offers solutions for any use. Over the years the company has undertaken extensive research into the various functions, technological solutions, materials and finishes to ensure the customers receive a series of products that fully responds to the different needs.

Ges Group products are made from materials with excellent mechanical properties and performance to withstand very damp environments: HPL laminates, ISI 001 anodised aluminium alloys, AISI 304 stainless steel, with thermoplastics using nylon 6 and fibreglass reinforced PVC. All the materials guarantee enduring inalterability with minimum maintenance and simple cleaning requirements. The minimalist linear design fits in perfectly with any setting, and the modular solutions enable customised furnishing solutions.

Ges Group products are very fast to assemble, dismount and maintain and help regain useful space: in fact, HPL laminate is only 15 mm thick, with respect to the 30 cm of a normal wall. The high quality of Ges Group products is guaranteed throughout all the production phases for furniture for changing rooms, washrooms and swimming pools: from design to product, sale to installation through to final consultation with the customer and the after-sales service.

The company is able solve existing structural problems, with the assistance of a sales network able to conduct the onsite surveys, working with the customer in all the operations for the construction of their desired changing rooms. The team of highly skilled technicians for the installation and maintenance processes complete the offer of a totally reliable vanguard organisation.

To enable providing every type of assistance, Ges Group offers its customers a turnkey service, covering the supply of each phase in the project. Given the network of trusted suppliers, the company is able to offer 360° assistance from technological plant, to the interior design attentive to all the smallest details.