ALGE CRL/14 series rotation cabins

Stability and perfect alignment

The ALGE rotation cabins are made from HPL solid stratified laminate. With the raised feet with nylon flanges the floor adjustments are concealed. The opening/closing system is design for the doors to move simultaneously, while the back has two clothes hooks for the user. The perfect stability and alignment of the structure are guaranteed by the top connection chain in shaped aluminium.

Construction details:

60 mm diameter round aluminium profiles
90 mm diameter nylon 6 raised feet, with nylon flange to conceal the floor adjustments
doors with co-extruded rigid/soft PVC stop seals
self-closing aluminium hinges opening to the inside
simultaneous door opening/closing system with 8 mm diameter AISI 304 stainless steel round profiles integrated into the seat top, supported by 2 aluminium crosspieces (30X30 mm)
8 mm thick HPL back, equipped with 2 nylon 6 clothes hooks
shaped aluminium top connection chain (section 90X50 mm)

Download technical chart CRL-14 ALGE